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Durham Physiotherapy

Durham Physio provides a range of physiotherapy solutions for musculoskeletal, sport injury, and pain management. Durham Physio also provide injury prevention incorporating physiotherapy, sports medicine, acupuncture into the workplace ergonomics.

Durham Physiotherapy can help speed up the repair and healing processes that are occurring in your body post injury. Our physiotherapists will help you by reducing your pain and stiffness. Following a skilled assessment by one of our experienced physiotherapist you will be given a tailored treatment programme. Our physiotherapists aim to restore your strength, mobility and balance to enable our clients to achieve their optimal levels of physical function.

Are you looking for a physiotherapist who can assist you with diagnosing and treating your pain or injury? If you feel you would like treatment from a team of experienced and dedicated physiotherapists we are sure to find what you need at our Durham Physio practice. Physiotherapy is a science based health profession that involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions, pain and disability through physical means such as massage, exercise, mobilisation, manipulation, heat and other methods.

A physiotherapist will prescribe different physiotherapy treatments exercises depending on the physiotherapy assessment. Physiotherapy can be used for injuries suffered in the course of normal activity such as sitting at a computer, lifting your children. Our physiotherapy clinic also sees many sports injuries that require specific sports rehabilitation.

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